Sexual Harrassment

Sexual Harassment image2

In 1982, after the completion of Delayed Stress, I bought a Korg MS-10, a classic analog synthesizer they say, that gave me a new sound palette, leading to a second set of tracks that were assembled in 1983 as Sexual Harassment. Continue reading


Borgwards and VWs

April 25, after a family visit on the prairie, I left the Twin Cities behind with my AM dialed to Radio K. (These guys are like such hippies, digging Morly, the VU, James Brown, Jonathan Richman, and like much Prince enriching and delineating their lives man.)

I stopped at the west-bound I-94 Middle Spunk Rest Area, near the childhood home of Charles Lindberg. I noticed that the door to the janitor’s office was wide open, and inside was a gentleman relaxing on a chair. I took a walk down to the lake. As I returned to the parking area, I watched the gentleman (dressed more like a retired farmer than a janitor) inspecting the trash cans. Continue reading