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7/11.  Public debut of the Facebook page.

Try it. Like it.

Turns out a Facebook page needs more than 30 likes before they will turn on the analytics for it.  (We have passed 50 today, thank you.)



Borgwards and VWs

April 25, after a family visit on the prairie, I left the Twin Cities behind with my AM dialed to Radio K. (These guys are like such hippies, digging Morly, the VU, James Brown, Jonathan Richman, and like much Prince enriching and delineating their lives man.)

I stopped at the west-bound I-94 Middle Spunk Rest Area, near the childhood home of Charles Lindberg. I noticed that the door to the janitor’s office was wide open, and inside was a gentleman relaxing on a chair. I took a walk down to the lake. As I returned to the parking area, I watched the gentleman (dressed more like a retired farmer than a janitor) inspecting the trash cans. Continue reading

The Art of Train Window Digital Photography

Trains go where they go for their own reasons. In the USA, these are usually economic reasons, and frequently those reasons may be historic and obsolete. The train does not care about your interest in taking photographs. If you want to take pictures of a particular landscape, doing it from a moving train verges on improbable. Yet, a train is a river that flows past vast landscapes and the extremes of all the measures by which we know beauty.

To get the most out of your train window photography, start by picking a good place to sit.  There are two strategies for selecting your seat.

  1. Sit on the starboard (or “passenger”) side of the train to minimize obstruction of views by passing trains.
  2. Taking account for the time of day and position of the sun, you may want to choose a seat on the side of the train that will minimize glare and maximize the direct lighting of your subjects. Avoid having direct sun on your train window. It will gleam and be prone to reflecting the glare of the windows on the other side of the car.

With luck, your seat will meet both criteria.  If not, plan to spend time in the lounge car.

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