Tom Brosseau at the Tractor (20 Jan 2007)

Throughout early January 2007, the Seattle papers carried ads and hype for a solo appearance by Hilary Hahn at Benaroya Hall. Meanwhile, I’d been seeing stories here and there about Tom Brosseau, a native of the Red River Valley of North Dakota. But, I wasn’t paying much more attention to Tom than I did to Hilary.

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Deerhoof at Bumbershoot 2006

While a steady line of patrons marched into the Exhibition Hall to see The Thermals, a classroom-size crowd gathered in a classroom-size concrete holding area just to the side of the main path, the better to rush into the soon-to-be emptied hall where our heros from San Francisco would have one-hour to bewilder us.

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Thumbs up: Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

The new Neko Case album is quite lovely. It also includes some of the best
spooky Garth Hudson licks I’ve heard in ages.


Under the “related downloads” on that page, you can get the video of “Maybe
Sparrow” which gives a nice sample (real player required) of Case and of
Hudson’s contribution. There is also a nice 13-minute documentary about the album, titled “Neko Case EPK.”

Also, the CD package is dazzlingly fine, and you can download the art from the ANTI site.

Also, although she moves around a lot, we in the Pacific NW regard her as a local gal.

This and Cat Power’s “The Greatest” have me thinking 2006 is (also) off to a particularly good start.

The Man from God Knows Where

One of Seattle’s pubic radio stations (KEXP) carries a “public affairs” program that I’ve grown very fond of over the years, TUC Radio, hosted by Maria Gilardin. Long before there were “podcasts,” Gilardin started producing her weekly program from recordings she made on location and edited in her at-home studio, and literally giving it away to any radio station that wants it. TUC Radio pokes its nose into America’s psyche, and if you have a way to listen to it or support it, you should. It most often covers political and evironmental topics, but sometimes it delves into the world of poets and musicians.

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2005 Vancouver Folk Music Festival

July 15-17, I was at Jericho Beach for the annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival (snapshots). As usual, there were many new voices to absorb. Lots of hip hop pop influences this year, even one fellow (Ridley Bent) whose countrified rap has garnered the label “hick hop” — sounds awful, eh, but his song about California apple pickers, a vignette pulled from a Steinbeck novel, was chillingly good.

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