Favorite Things of 2017

Books, movies, albums, concerts, and television series: Five Sets of Five (with links to further information for the curious).
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I found Aqualung in Reykjavik

At the Lucky Record Store, perusing their displays of pricey collector grade LPs, I saw three copies of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung (selling, left to right, for the equivalent of $100, $100, and $125). I snapped this photo to share with my Tull Skull pals.

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10 Years of YouTubing

November 27, 2006, I posted my first YouTube video, titled, We See Lights in the Sky <https://goo.gl/mN1CBl>, which was developed to go with a musical composition called Lola’s Emerald Necklace #2. Its huge video pixels cannot be entirely blamed on the state of video in 2006. At that time, uploading a >2 gigabyte file via consumer internet services was not always reliable, nor would YouTube have accepted such a large file from me. Plus, I liked the big pixels. They reminded me of live television from the ISS, which seemed apropos for this watery, foggy, jittery project. Now there are more than 50 videos in my channel, mostly documenting performances I witnessed. Continue reading