Hiking to Twin Falls

I convinced Jeff Acorn to get up early and drive us up into the Cascades based on a description of a trail that was promised to be open all year. Not this year! Snow on the road convinced us to turn back long before we reached the trail head. But I had a back-up plan, Twin Falls, part of Olallie State Park, a “popular family-friendly” hike that is at an elevation well-below the snow level even this year, and which neither of us had visited previously.

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Weather report

taking the bus home today
while the bike is in the shop for a tune-up
sun is shining

a couple of stops before mine,
a pounding sound is heard on the roof
like you’d hear passing under low tree branches

hard rain
I pull out my umbrella
head out the door into a shower
(no less powerful than yours)

bus pulls away
there’s my shadow on the ground
I walk home under the umbrella

there’s hail mixed with the rain
and a rainbow to the northeast

Had to stop and laugh at the beauty of the sun shining through that heavy rain.