Things My Friend Sasha Says While Reading Comments on Facebook and Twitter

Photo by Michael Boer

Darling, you have truly heard the dog whistles, and your snarling mimicry is superb. Love you!

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Beth Cassidy Recovery Fund

The Arts Council of Snohomish County and Supporters of Beth Cassidy present a Branch Quilt Raffle to benefit the Beth Cassidy Recovery Fund

Dear Friends,

In November 2003, Beth was diagnosed with recurring melanoma cancer in the lymph glands of her left leg and abdomen. She has since undergone two surgeries to remove the lymph glands and will be receiving treatment throughout the spring and into the summer. Her prognosis is very positive but she has been unable to work and can’t attend craft shows until the end of April. Beth does have medical insurance but it’s not covering all of her expenses.

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NPR features Seattle Tree-lover

Ketzel Levine, NPR’s doyenne of dirt, interviewed Bob Van Pelt on Morning Edition today. Hopefully this link will be good for awhile: Bushwhacking with a Big-Tree Hunter. There’s a link to the interview (which you will need Real player to hear) and a nice gallery of some of Bob’s beautiful tree pictures.

Bob is the author Champion Trees of Washington State and Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast. Personal experience has established that he also knows his way through a good pint.