The Rye Waltz

Here’s a family heirloom: a little recording of my father’s father, Garret Boer (1886-1973), playing his harmonica: The Rye Waltz.

(You should save the linked file, which is about 1.3 MB, onto your home computer, then run it through your favorite MP3 player.)

The tune is more commonly known as “Coming Through the Rye” but Grampa called it “the Rye Waltz.”

This was originally recorded by my sister on (I am guessing) a Panasonic RQ-413S mono cassette recorder. When? (I am guessing) about 1971. Where? In our parents’ farm house (sounds like the dining room to me).

If you are able to listen to this file and want to download a bigger file that includes the whole 10-minute recording, let me know.