Shooting at Ducks in a Barrel?

In the Mueller Report, released by the Attorney General today (April 18, 2019), Appendix C, in Vol. 1, shows the written questions posed by the Special Prosecutor in November 2018 for the President to answer under oath. Question ii B (from p. C-5 of Vol. 1) elicits an interesting answer (from p. C-18 of Vol. 1). Question and Answer are shown below.

Trump answers question about WikiLeaks dump in July 2016

The Special Prosecutor had interviewed various witnesses about these same events. The report’s heavily-redacted narrative (from pp. 17-18 of Vol 1) is shown below.

Heavily redacted narrative in Mueller Report re: Trump campaign and Wikileaks dump

The footnotes for that narrative are not shown here, but they may be of interest if you perceive any disconnect or contradiction between the President’s written answer (provided under oath) and the details provided by witnesses in this narrative.

No collusion with Russia? How about collision with self-interest? Conspiracy?

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), it was on July 27, 2016, that Mr. Trump said, during a nationally televised debate with Mrs. Clinton, “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

While the Vice President warns us to move on and not to “cling to discredited allegations,” the clear fact is that much of the material on this topic was redacted (to avoid harm to an ongoing matter), demonstrating that now is not the time to assume all allegations have been discredited.

Either the President lied, under oath, about his memories or the President is too daft to remain as President. Calls for his resignation are overdue. Even his supporters may get dizzy from all the spinning and big lies, told over and over and over.

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