10 Years of YouTubing

November 27, 2006, I posted my first YouTube video, titled, We See Lights in the Sky <https://goo.gl/mN1CBl>, which was developed to go with a musical composition called Lola’s Emerald Necklace #2. Its huge video pixels cannot be entirely blamed on the state of video in 2006. At that time, uploading a >2 gigabyte file via consumer internet services was not always reliable, nor would YouTube have accepted such a large file from me. Plus, I liked the big pixels. They reminded me of live television from the ISS, which seemed apropos for this watery, foggy, jittery project. Now there are more than 50 videos in my channel, mostly documenting performances I witnessed.

We See Lights in the Sky

We are shaped like the water.
Everything we see is liquid.
Everything we remember,
came from the water.

Our bodies are mostly water.
Our memories are all water.

The only shape we know,
is the one shape;
the shape of the water.

Light is like the water, too.
The frequencies differ,
but we can hold neither
of these in our hands.

We cast shadows in them
as they give us shape.

Ice is the water, frozen.
(But it melts if we hold it.)

A photograph is like frozen light.
We can hold it in our hands.
How else could we fold light
and carry it with us through time?
(Until it fades, or we do.)

Is it the same
on all the light and
dark water planets?

Sometimes we see lights.
Sometimes we hear screams.
Sometimes we try to take pictures.

It is usually night
when we sense these things.

It is usually too dark,
and when we hold
the picture in our hands,
it could have been anything.
It could have been a train,
or a refection in the water.

It must be the same
on all the water planets.
On those distant worlds,
they must sense
the same water shapes
and metallic screams,
though the spectrum of other suns
may light their nights
with other hues.

They too must sometimes
believe the lights are mysterious.
They must wonder, sometimes…
Who is visiting us?
Are they from another world?
Why are we afraid?

©2006 Michael Boer

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