Sexual Harrassment

Sexual Harassment image2

In 1982, after the completion of Delayed Stress, I bought a Korg MS-10, a classic analog synthesizer they say, that gave me a new sound palette, leading to a second set of tracks that were assembled in 1983 as Sexual Harassment.

My favorite of these tracks is Red Rabbit. At the time, the term “red” still retained its leftist connotation, so it was not a terribly obscure reference to the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. For much of the 20th Century, the American right-wing was fond of the expression, “better dead than red.” Goldwater, Nixon, and even Reagan must cringe in their graves when we talk now about “red state politics.”

The cover graphic was created for me by Paige Tyley on a CompuGraphic phototypesetting machine. It consists of a tight series of hairline rules.

A digitized version of the C-30 cassette album is now available via onewe Bandcamp. You can sample the songs for free. If you purchase the album, you get access to bonuses that include PDF facsimiles of the original cassette j-card and tiny booklet.


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