Delayed Stress

Delayed Stress cover

In 1981, I bought one of the first-generation 4-track audio cassette recorders, the Teac 144 (which incidentally is the same thing Bruce Springsteen used to record his album, Nebraska).

My first experiment with multi-tracking was a song called Ceremonies, which eventually appeared as track no. 1 on my first album, Delayed Stress, released on March 2, 1982, as a C-30 cassette. I manually copied dozens of them for friends, journalists, and radio stations.

Eventually, I digitized it and it is now (34 years later) available via onewe Bandcamp. You can sample the songs for free. If you purchase the album, you can revel in a variety of bonus materials, including a 1-hour recording of the broadcast world premiere on South Dakota Pubic Radio in which my friend Jack Garvey coaxed me to say all kinds of crazy things. Strangely, to my ear, the 1982 me sounds like Dr. Ben Carson.

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