2005 Movie Wrap-up

I saw 39 theatrical films in 2005 (40 if you count going back for seconds of Sin City). Most years I try to make a list of 5 films, but this year just 4 stand out right now, with a massive tie for 5th place. Here’s what I came up with:

4 Favorite Films of 2005

  1. Me You and Everyone We Know (Miranda July’s quirky film that should make everyone a little uncomfortable as it explores the way people form relationships in 21st century America)
  2. Sin City (Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller turn Miller’s graphic novel into roller-coaster cinema that’ll make your hair stand straight up)
  3. Stay (Marc Forster’s scary movie is sort of a “Mulholland Drive” set in NYC)
  4. A History of Violence (David Cronenberg turns a graphic novel into roller-coaster cinema that’ll make your hair stand straight up)

4-way tie for 5th place: Capote, Good Night and Good Luck, Jarhead, Walk the Line. (PS, if I had seen it in 2005, Pride and Prejudice would have been added here.)

Others I enjoyed: Aeon Flux, Broken Flowers, The Brothers Grimm, The Interpreter, Last Days, Millions, MirrorMask, The Passenger, Syriana.

Notable Reality Films: Downfall, Good Night and Good Luck (proves things really are worse now), Jarhead (proves there is no such thing as an anti-war movie), Grizzly Man, Writer of O.

Cinema as Art: Several of the above-mentioned films stand-out for their use of film to express what most of us can’t see or feel except when we are dreaming: Sin City, Millions, MirrorMask, The Brothers Grimm.

4 Biggest Disappointments of 2005

  1. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (duh, oh duh dull)
  2. War of the Worlds (not scary enough, not alien enough, too much like Katrina)
  3. King Kong (like the creepy guy in The Boondocks said, “Finally, an interracial love story you can watch with the whole family! … Just kidding, white folks. Just kidding!” — but, the 1930s NYC ambience was joyfully well-done.
  4. Syriana (too complicated to recommend, though I enjoyed it a lot)

One thought on “2005 Movie Wrap-up

  1. Livinia Redlips February 4, 2006 / 11:16 pm

    I recommend Dirty Filthy Love.
    Kind-o sort-o reminds me of Me You and Everyone We Know – they aren’t at all similiar in subject, but both gave me the same feeling.

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