The Immortals

Rolling Stone #946 (April 15, 2004) is devoted to an amusing review of the 50 “greatest artists of all time” (in rock music, of course). The best part of it is an essay on each of the 50 written by other musicians, not critics. So #1 The Beatles get a write-up by Elvis Costello. Quite a few of the writers turn up elsewhere on the list itself.

#8 Little Richard is the only one who gets to write about himself, and it is one of the best.

The web version only has the top-10 essays. Another of my favorites is #29 The Who written by Eddie Vedder, who suggests, “at this point, Pete Townsend has been through and survived more than anyone in rock royalty. Perhaps even beyond Keith Richards, who was actually guilty of most things he was accused of.”

A lot of these are little more than the sincere twitterings of dedicated fans, but pretty good fun nonetheless.


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