The Manchester twister

The PBS program, Nova, is doing a show on tornados, Hunt for the Supertwister, scheduled for first broadcast on March 30 (check your local listings). The show features an animation based on data from the June 2003 twister that wrecked Manchester, SD. Aaron Ricadela reports in a Wired Magazine story, Data Storm, that production of the animation took 9-days of computing at the NCSA supercomputing center.

Jack Garvey and I passed through there two months later, not knowing what had hit, but noting the wreckage. It was weird… there were patches of “trees” like that which suggested an old fire or??? and then there would be rubble that
looked like an old barn that had finally collapsed. Quite spooky.

Jean Laskey found a before/after photo related to the Manchester storm by Brian Flindt, whose illustrated story, Tornado at Manchester, SD – A Different View, is linked from an interesting study page, The South Dakota Tornadoes.

One thought on “The Manchester twister

  1. John March 14, 2004 / 11:22 am

    Thanks for the heads-up. Luckily, 3/30 is a Tuesday, so I can see the premier.

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