Stay Tuned

Contradiction by Michael Boer. A collection of poetry, poetic prose, and photography. Encounters with places (including several cemeteries) and people (and their ghosts), sometimes humorous, sometimes earnest, he explores the tensions between the rural and the urban, between community and division, between love and gender, between intuition and faith, between theology and politics. Indirectly or not, these poems probe the contradictory processes between perception and conviction.

Shooting at Ducks in a Barrel?

In the Mueller Report, released by the Attorney General today (April 18, 2019), Appendix C, in Vol. 1, shows the written questions posed by the Special Prosecutor in November 2018 for the President to answer under oath. Question ii B (from p. C-5 of Vol. 1) elicits an interesting answer (from p. C-18 of Vol. 1). Question and Answer are shown below. Continue reading

The Commodity of Free Time

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Free time is a mark of privilege, rather than an equal right. Instead of chasing an unrealistic concept of meritocracy, we should be striving for equity. –Dries Buytaert from The privilege of free time in Open Source

DrupalCon is underway in Seattle at the moment, prompting me to pay out some of my free time to explore what Dries has been up to lately. His recent essay about diversity and equity may include insights relevant to other fields. Continue reading